Scallop Squash Cakes


I got scallop squash in my CSA this past weekend–a squash I was not familiar with until last Saturday and I’ve been eager to make squash cakes ever since my friend Jake made his first recipe. I looked up a basic recipe, but turned to him for advice, since he’s a pretty accomplished home cook (those college dinner parties have a lot to say for themselves!). Jake’s invaluable two cents here: salt the squash after you grate it to get the most moisture out of the squash–they’ll fry easier and brown nicer.

Well, due to my lack of a non-stick pan or a seasoned cast-iron, I can’t say that mine browned particularly well, but squash cakes really are delicious and since squash has a fairly neutral flavor, the cakes can take on any flavor you’re in the mood for. I added curry powder, scapes, and a little cilantro to mine.

They do take a little time to prepare. You have to grate the squash, salt it, and let it sit before wringing it out, and then you go about adding in the other flavors and beating an egg into the mixture to bind it before frying them on each side for about 3-4 minutes. One website recommended finishing them in the oven–but I’m not sure you’d need that with a non-stick skillet.

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