Asparagus Lasagna

After a whirlwind two months of grabbing dinner and hanging out with friends almost every day of the week, I’ve finally been able to slow down and stop without feeling like I’ll have no idea what to do with myself if I go straight home after work, alone. I started reading again and had something quiet to look forward to, since I don’t really watch TV anymore and I think I’ve watched almost everything worthwhile on Netflix (with the exception of the wonderful Conversations with Other Women, which I watched this morning). The book that got me hooked on going home to read and cook again, finally, is Abraham Verghese’s My Own Country. I finished it two nights ago–and I’d say if you’re in the mood for exceptionally written prose and reflection, you should pick it up!

This week I saw Martha Rose Shulman’s recipe for asparagus lasagna in the NYTimes and I decided to try it as part of my commitment to be somewhat healthier. I’ve had too many samples of baked goods delivered to the office in the last two weeks. The lasagna turned out great! And I’m excited to have something comforting, yet homemade to nosh on later in the week. 

Note: while writing this I was listening to the This American Life show from 4/20 and I just heard Dan Savage cry. New things. 



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