Home/Made’s Mushroom Crack Lasagna

One of my best friends from college was visiting from Chicago this past weekend and so I decided to celebrate his visit by taking on a new culinary challenge. Actually, it’s an old one that I’d been eyeing for a while, ever since I saw it in the New York Times and ate half my friend Liz’s leftovers at her New Year’s Eve party (and decided it was the best lasagna I’d ever had).

This is one of those no-fail recipes. When you read through it, you’ll see just how easy it is to follow: Home/Made Mushroom Lasagna. Very straightforward, and uber delicious. I decided to go all out for the challenge and bought white and black truffle oils and real black truffles for the dish. I also added some rosemary and thyme into the bechamel for a fresh herbal kick. Unfortunately, my roommate used our sole baking dish to carry some store bought cupcakes to some party and I didn’t discover this until the last minute after I’d sauteed the mushrooms and was looking for something to layer the lasagna in!

Therefore: behold mushroom & truffle lasagna in an aluminum baking tin.



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