The Redhead NYC

After a month and a half of anxious bumming around, I’m so excited to be part of the food team! Thanks to all my friends who were so incredibly supportive and encouraged me to keep trying when I thought about giving up after several good, but fruitless interviews.

I spent the better part of last week celebrating on and off, meeting friends for drinks, etc. Last night three of my friends whom I am deeply indebted to for their hours of advice and friendship joined me for a gluttonous dinner at The Redhead. It was buttery, delicious, and completely indulgent comfort food.

When Sam, Jake, and I were standing outside waiting for our table and Jill and her boyfriend, Mike, we looked up the NYTimes review for recommendations on what to order. It practically suggested the entire menu, making our choices easier and harder at the same time! We also devoured these bacon peanuts while we waited:

If you’re going with a few friends, you have to try the pork belly, the duck gumbo, the burger, carolina middlins, corn muffins, and the oyster pot pie. Oh and the rolls they serve at the beginning of the meal are delicious. So are the cocktails. Basically, show up, order something, and you can’t go wrong. Of all the restaurants I’ve been to in NYC, The Redhead is one of a few where I thought all the dishes we ordered were really tasty. Oh, and if you’re going to order the duck gumbo after sharing a few appetizers–get the 6 oz. I got the 10 oz. and was sad to see about 3 oz. of it go to waste.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll all be back at some point.


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