Cranberry & Walnut ChocoTate Cookies

A couple weeks ago I bought some bulk dried cranberries and walnuts with the full intention of making a cranberry walnut loaf with them, and of course, decided to make cookies with most of them instead. Have no fear though, I fully intend to make some bread very soon!

There are tons of great chocolate chip cookie base recipes out there, including the New York Times one that I made a few years ago in college, but for whatever reason I chose Martha Stewart’s on a whim. Maybe it wasn’t quite a whim, maybe it was…an homage to a show I never watched starring a woman I never really liked that much. Whatever your opinions about Martha, she did make housewifery into a billion dollar business, and you have to be pretty shrewd and intelligent to do so. Anyway, for better or worse, her show’s getting the boot and I wanted a very classic cookie recipe and Google gave me hers.

Instead of baking into a classic cookie, these spread out and ended up more like Tate’s cookies in texture–crunchy around the edges and slightly chewy in the center. I love Tate’s though, so no complaints here!



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