Happy Challahdays!

One of my favorite things to do when it’s cold outside, besides welcoming myself to any kind of establishment/house/friend’s apt, etc. that has a fireplace, is to bake. The warm smell of fresh bread, cupcakes, or cookies–whether I’m the one eating them or whether they’re a present–makes me forget that for the next two months, I’ll be a popsicle.

Yesterday I tried to make challah, and I failed at my first attempt! Not sure whether it was the amount of yeast (active dry, not rapid rise or instant), whole wheat flour, and/or time allowed for rising, but either way I didn’t end up with a fluffy loaf of eggy bread. So last night I started again, using King Arthur Flour’s no-knead challah recipe. I figured it might be helpful if I had less contact with the dough so it could rise and do its own thing. This morning I woke up to some successfully risen dough and baked off this lovely loaf of challah.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy them wherever you are.



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