Twenty-somethings Take On Bon Appetit’s Thanksgiving Issue, 2011

Cooking in New York has gotten a lot easier since I moved to Brooklyn. Kitchens in Manhattan are small, too tiny to drain a pot of pasta without accidentally knocking into a refrigerator and splashing boiling hot water on your shoes, or worse, your toes. Kitchens in Brooklyn are bigger and more conducive to acts of pure gluttony and amateur culinary achievement–and are usually attached to larger living rooms fully equipped to accomodate house guests stricken with food coma.

This past weekend my friends and I got together to tackle Bon Appetit’s Thanksgiving Issue at our deliciously immobilizing “Fake Thanksgiving” dinner.

All told we made two salads, roasted squash, greens, creamed collards, spiced squash puree, biscuits, maple sweet potato rolls, cajun-rubbed turkey, three cranberry sauces, three stuffings, cajun crawfish gravy, potato gratin, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, three pumpkin desserts, and an apple pie. The dishes were generously shared between our party of 17, and there were still leftovers-a-plenty.

While they were all incredibly beautiful and delicious–stand-out dishes for me were the salads, turkey, creamed collards, cornbread oyster stuffing, cajun crawfish gravy, potato gratin, spicy cranberry jelly, and the apple pie.

I made the kale and brussels sprout salad:











Check out our spread:

Salads, squash preparations, and three cranberry sauces

Creamed collards, potato gratin, mashed potatoes, two stuffings (in the photo), and the turkey!


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