Exciting reasons to try new things

I had a pretty bad week last week, which, objectively wasn’t so bad in the larger scheme of things, but it was taxing emotionally and physically. I’ve been “looking” for an apartment for almost two months now, and it seems like that’ll have to go up to three. Anyone who’s tried the NYC apartment game understands; it’s frustrating and hard whether you go through a broker, Craigslist, or some other channel.

My new role at work has been mostly challenging in good ways, but it’s also been a little rough around the edges. I think after last Friday’s workshop things should improve and I won’t feel the need to get up and take a walk whenever the phone rings.

Anyway, it’s fall again! My favorite season of all and though it hasn’t been cold enough to slay the city’s mosquitoes in one fell frosty swoop (I learned that the annoying way this past week), it means that the season of gatherings has begun. On Saturday I finally got to try and make Sam Sifton’s recipe for bulgogi sliders. I’d been looking forward to the opportunity ever since I saw the piece and since I tried the bulgogi sliders at Danji in the theater district. I’ve found that more authentic Asian recipes have been hard to make since living on my own because there are a lot of pantry items that I have to have on hand and haven’t really made an investment in because I haven’t quite settled in officially to a spot I can see myself living in for a while.

So it was just my luck that af friend of mine was  having a birthday potluck and another friend of mine who was going had also been thinking about making bulgogi sliders. They were incredibly delicious. I think the eight of us couldn’t have been happier. Besides, everything else on the menu was also amazing, including truffle oil and ricotta on toasted focaccia, stuffed mushrooms, lentil dip, braised chicken, and couscous. Dessert was another great spread: lemon cheesecake, cookies and strawberry ice cream–all homemade.

Here’s to fall 2011.

Flavorful, tender and delicious.

The precursor.


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