Quelites? Qu’est-ce que c’est?

The first week of my CSA share (Local Roots NYC), I got a batch of stinging nettles. I can’t say that my attempt to make pesto out of them was very successful at all, but that may have been because I tried to make the pesto in an old blender and some parts of the nettles were perhaps a little too tough for the blender that could. I kind of wish I’d asked Trevor to bring his food processor, but oh well–learn and live to eat nettle pesto another day.

This past week I got a half pound of quelites. I never thought I’d ever eat a vegetable with such an academically scientific name, but I read online that quelites are merely “lamb’s quarters.” Not that I’ve had lamb’s quarters before either. One of the suggested ways to enjoy quelites is to saute them with some garlic and olive oil. After trying it the night before I decided that they would taste great with eggs for brunch the next morning. I went out to the farmer’s market at McCarren Park and bought some blue potatoes to go with my quelite and scallion scramble.


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