Where have I been????

It’s been a while since I have posted here in this space–but that’s only because so much has happened over the last few months. At the time of my last post I was still living in Greenwich, CT–a misfit in a suburb of too-fits. I still had tons of ambient light in my kitchen, both because there was a huge window and because we all know the sun shines prettier during the summer. Since then, I’ve moved to New York City, into your typical bachelorette apartment equipped with a small-ish living room, tiny kitchen, and bathroom appropriately sized for two people. My bedroom’s a dream though, with a delectably Anthropologie-esque huge paned window and calm powder blue-grey walls. All my attempts to decorate my bedroom failed: none of my Target packages got to me because UPS only delivers during work hours (hello! people have to work!!!!) and any time I tried to buy something off Etsy, it was unavailable.

As for cooking–I’ve made my fair share of great meals with friends and delicious desserts–but the fact that my kitchen only gets the faintest glean of natural light means really bad photographs. And my apartment is too small for me to obsess over the right lighting and I’m always a little too busy or on my way out the door to make food photography a worthwhile investment. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been saying to myself because working for a start-up means I simply just don’t have the money to justify buying all that equipment and freaking out a roommate who I only just met three months ago with my quirky passions.

It’s definitely been go, go, go for the last three months! I commute out of Grand Central to Greenwich nearly every single day of the week and although I’m not looking forward to my commute during blizzards and New England’s seasonal meteorologic surprises, I still love my job and I’m glad that I have tons of friends and a cozy space to go home to once the day’s done. Most days I’m thankful for my commute because there’s nothing better to do on a train than read a wonderful book or a bunch of trashy/quality magazines. For some reason I’m always too tired to read once I get back to my apartment. As for weekends–I think I’m still too new to the city–I often get too distracted by everything there is to do, see, and devour to actually sit and read. I did read two amazing books over the last three weeks that I just couldn’t put down: “The Glass Castle” and “Half Broke Horses,” both by Jeanette Walls. After reading about her upbringing, I have nothing but respect for her and the deepest gratitude and love towards my own parents and family.

And on that subject of thanks….it’s Thanksgiving!!!!!! Happy Turkey Day!!! My parents hate turkey so we’ll be having every other type of meat: smoked chicken, ribs, and steak. No lamb this time around. In preparation for Thanksgiving, I like to test out a couple recipes beforehand, especially if I’ve never made them before, like this apple pie, made completely from scratch!!! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be back in a kitchen that’s got breathing room and an oven with a timer. I wanted to keep it simple and traditional–to make “easy as pie” worth every idiomatic ounce. I used this basic recipe for a deliciously golden, flaky crust from Smitten Kitchen and tweaked Bobby Flay’s recipe for apple pie filling (I like my apple pie with a little more cinnamon and I swapped out 1/4 cup of sugar for a little bit of honey). The pie tastes AMAZING–and can I just say a big thank you to Smitten Kitchen, because the crust is incredibly flaky, buttery, and delicious–the best crust I’ve ever had!!!!!

Below is the photo series:


the beginning

slicing apples!

spicing the apples

chilled dough--started in the food processor, finished by hand...pretty nuggets of butter!

my first lattice pie...imperfect but delicious

done and....done!

flaky, buttery, and delicious!!!


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