Pumpkin Cupcakes


Yesterday, after I spent an hour and a half in the corporate interview hotseat, I went for a jog to East Rock with my friend Erin. Ok, I guess Erin jogged while I was wishing that my legs weren’t part of my body–maybe that would stop them from being really sore the next morning. It was so beautiful and crunchy the whole way there though that I was sufficiently distracted and was able to keep going. Running is so much harder than going to the gym. Anyway, the week before we made these delicious pumpkin cupcakes in our college kitchen. They’re vegan, but don’t knock the absence of egg in the recipe; these cupcakes were moist, spicy, bright, pumpkiny, goooooooood, and one of the best things that will happen during this crazy, stressful month.


The original recipe can be found at Kirby Von Scrumptious. I can’t say that I stuck entirely to the recipe because I was mixing a batch that was four times its size and we didn’t have enough granulated sugar, so I used mostly brown, but they were delightful all the same.


One thought on “Pumpkin Cupcakes

  1. Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for redirecting. And I admire you for actually going running… I THINK about going running now and again… it doesn’t really HAPPEN, though…

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