Fourth of July Ice Cream


I spent half of my fourth of July weekend on a lake in CT. I think it’s official name is Lake Waramaug, but I’ve been calling it “Lake Watchamacalla.” Anyway, I’ll keep this short because some virus has kept me from using the internet for too long.

I went kayaking and biking and generally had a grand old time in this small town, populated with trees, dogs, ginormous houses, and a few people here and there. I was staying at my friend’s house, and she happened to have an ice cream maker. This led to only one thing: an afternoon ice cream-making session! I can’t say that the flavor we chose is in any way seasonal nor was it in theme with the fourth of July, but who cares! All ice cream is born of some summer spirit, and that we had. I hope I’m not jinxing it, but it’s finally sunny in New York (as opposed to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…).

Pumpkin Ice Cream ( from Simply Recipes)


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