Strawberry Salad, or, “How to enjoy a summer by the beach”

strawberrysalad 004

It’s berry season. Or, as Chingy (remember him? my doctor says its unsafe to.) used to say, “burry season.” I can see why he didn’t last. You can’t mix and match vowels if you’re going to end up with something as creepy as that. Anyway, back in March when berries weren’t quite in season, I had the pleasurable opportunity of eating lunch with the other student guides at the British Art Center somewhere on the fourth floor of the building. There was this delicious concoction that I had never eaten before or thought possible, mainly because my brain was made of slightly more mush than it is now.

Strawberries in salad. You might not think it’s strange (or, if you’re like the March me, you do), but they mix perfectly with some tossed greens, goat cheese, and a secret ingredient. Yes. Balsamic vinegar. People have been making balsamic reductions and serving them with strawberries as dessert forever, it seems, just not the forever I used to know. But I know better now. Strawberries are the perfect bright spot in a mixed greens salad and they look beautiful too. It comes together looking like Christmas, only, it’s summer. Right.

strawberrysalad 006

Anyway, this salad contains what I call the Trifecta. Fruit, nuts (walnuts here), and cheese (goat). The three things that I could eat in any combination for the rest of my life. On a cracker. On bread. In a salad. By themselves! Make your tastebuds happy. Enliven your mind. Feed your hunger. Make this salad.

Ingredients (for 1 large salad)

6 walnuts, toasted in a pan, crushed

3 large strawberries, thinly sliced

2 cups mixed baby greens

1 oz fresh goat cheese, crumbled


1/2 tsp dijon mustard

1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

3/4-1 tbsp olive oil

(I don’t make the traditional vinaigrette…my smaller waist thanks me.)

AND…as is always brilliant with salads, you can adjust the ingredients to your own tastes.


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