Purple Fries?

fries-cheesecake 018Until recently, my potato vocabulary was limited to your average red bliss, yukon gold, russet, orange sweet potato, and blue potato varieties. I guess it’s nice to know that there’s some kind of speciation going on, no matter how short the list. So what is this new addition, you might ask? A purple sweet potato. I know. It’s weird. It’s like alien food. It’s like Dr. Seuss’ perfect world. But I guess orange is also a weird color for a potato and in another life, vegetables could all be blue.

The first time I came across purple sweet potatoes I was enjoying a study break session at my friend’s apartment. By which I mean she was kind enough to let me eat a sack of potatoes on her floor. Sometimes the pig really will make the effort to scrounge for food. Pens get boring after a while. Right. Anyway, as I was peeling back the skin of the potato, I grew fascinated with its color. I’d been warned, or notified, that the potatoes were purple, but they really were this deep shade of indigo, the color of this great dress that sometimes pops up in my mind.

fries-cheesecake 010

I saw them for sale at this Korean market at home over spring break, but I was leaving the next day and couldn’t convince my mom that what she really needed to buy was this crazily-colored potato that she’d never seen before. And ever since then, like a person with a stalker crush, I’ve thought about those potatoes and what I would make out of them if I ever saw them again. I thought about those tubers from time to time and last week, it came to me. Sweet potato fries! I’m not too big on frying, although there was a time when I was the fried-foods queen, so I looked for a baked recipe and found an excellent one at Our Best Bites. I did everything they did, except I chopped up some parsley and basil instead of oregano, etc., for my fries. The potatoes I had weren’t as indigo as the ones I had fallen in love with, but hey, you build something up enough, the next time you see it, it’s different, right? Except these potatoes weren’t no let down, you hear?

So, you know, if you have one of those kids that’s in some weird phase and only likes to eat purple food, hold off on the dye and buy some purple potatoes.

fries-cheesecake 015


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