Strawberries dipped in lemon-ginger dark chocolate


It’s finals week on campus. Every single coffee shop is full from opening til closing and the library is a tension-filled, multi-storied box of unsightly gray beings. Fortunately, I will not have to be one of them for a couple days. My last final isn’t until Friday, which gives me some time to breathe a little bit. But only until I realize just how far I am from actually knowing the material (Thursday morning) and I move from panicking to frantic studying (Thursday night). The great thing is, before I know it, my last final will be over. I will officially be a senior in college, with little to no real conception of what it is I want to do with my life, but a ton of ideas and supposed “experience.” My parents probably aren’t ok with this, and in theory, neither am I, but right now, I’m not ready to think about it.

I’m also mentally, emotionally, and physically unmotivated to study for this last final. With the sky outside as gray as the textbook-sucked souls of this campus, I needed some pizazz, some color, and some sweet, bright, deep flavor all rolled in one. My spirit wanted some pampering. And that’s what I gave it.


With roughly $50 left of flex dollars on my meal plan, I stopped by Durfee’s (campus convenience store) and bought strawberries, soymilk, organic black currant bran cereal, and two bars of luscious Dagoba chocolate. Dagoba is an organic chocolate company that gets creative with its chocolate. The “chocolate is art and whim” trend was popularized by the movie, Chocolat, and Dagoba has taken great advantage of it, in my opinion. I picked up two bars: one made with lavender and the other deliciously infused with lemon and candied ginger.


I’ve never made chocolate-covered strawberries before–I thought the process was far more complicated than it actually is. We all know chocolate-covered strawberries are the perfect, classy dessert for a party, but in college, classy and party rarely go hand in hand. I’m hoping that with this easy recipe, that’ll change. “Destitute” college students like me also rarely have things like double boilers. Many of us don’t even know what they are and won’t until a boxed double boiler shows up on our doorstep as an engagement gift.  I made a make-shift one to melt the chocolate, as you can see from the picture. My point is, don’t let the double boiler be your excuse to not make these!

Recipe for Lemon-Ginger Chocolate Covered Strawberries (to make approx one dozen)

4-5 oz Dagoba lemon-ginger chocolate (or 2 other bars of your choice)

12 large-ish strawberries

bowl to melt chocolate in

pan/skillet filled with water

1. Bring water to a boil with bowl immersed in the pan. You want the heat from the water in the skillet to melt the chocolate in the bowl…that’s more or less how a double boiler works.

2. Break the  chocolate up into morsel-sized even pieces. You want it to melt evenly. Stir as its melting. You’ll know it’s done when it’s smooth and shiny.

3. Make sure you use cold strawberries that have been patted dry. Any water that touches the chocolate will ruin it and it will coagulate.

4. Dip the strawberries and cover them about 3/4. Turn them upside-down for cooling. If you have a baking sheet, by all means, use it! Let them set for approx. 25 minutes. Carefully put them in the refrigerator if it’s warm outside and the chocolate isn’t hardening.


4 thoughts on “Strawberries dipped in lemon-ginger dark chocolate

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    • of course! i’d never made them before either, and i thought they wouldn’t turn out, but they’re really easy to make. the important thing is just to make sure the strawberries are dry before dipping them in chocolate; any water will scramble the tempered chocolate and you’ll end up with somewhat of a mess. if you’re unsure whether your hands are steady enough to swirl the strawberries in chocolate, put them on the end of a skewer and twirl them. hope that helps!

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