New Discovery!!!!

Ladies and gents, I have uncovered Yale’s most underrated food gem: the Hall of Graduate Studies.

One of the premises for this blog is that I’m basically done with dining hall hot food and I’ve taken to making my own combinations of raw ingredients. Failing that, I settle for the ole pb&j, cereal, or my new fallback, mounds and mounds of goldfish crackers. Healthy, I know.

Today, however, I was persuaded to go to the Hall of Graduate Studies dining hall. I knew it existed, but I’d never been there for some reason. Some probably really stupid reason. Like laziness. Yes. That was probably and unfortunately it, because this place is amazing. Their cereal collection is rather lacking, but that’s not what I’m going to go there for from now on. Now, I might just actually be finding my way back to some dining hall menu. This was the spread when I walked in:

Yeah, I know. Thai lettuce wraps! I’d just eaten a plate of homemade baked goods at the Josh Viertel Master’s tea and was in a rather carb-free mood. This was more than perfect. This was guilt-free perfect. Well, almost. I tried a piece of chicken while in line, since I’m picky about how my meat tastes. I don’t like it when it tastes old or isn’t well-seasoned. It was kind of iffy, so I went with the tofu, which also could have used a little more flavor, but it was still pretty good.

I feel myself going back to HGS for “real food”…..


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