Growing Power: urban farm and community food center

After a rather long day, I was looking for an outlet. A nap, or you know, a giant dark chocolate cake with raspberry cream. I looked down at my phone and thought about calling someone to see if they wanted to study with me at a cafe and saw a text message from Jake saying, “Come to Saybrook Master’s tea on urban farming!” So what did your resident farmer-at-heart do? I went, obviously. And I walked REALLY REALLY fast.

I’d read an article in The New Yorker for class about local food in Brooklyn, NY and I wanted to know how it was possible to grow greens, fruit, and animals in the middle of a giant metropolitan area. As a native Californian, I’ve never been able to really fathom growing anything in weather below 40 degrees. I mean I believed it, but after hearing Will Allen talk about growing intensive amounts of spinach, arugula, various other greens, yellow perch fish, and a huge number of other things on farm in Milwaukee in the WINTER I was just completely amazed. I was like a five year old at a Macy’s Holiday Parade. I think I gasped “Wow!” at least seven times. And I’m not easily moved or fazed.

Allen is the CEO of Growing Power, a non-profit dedicated to helping communities develop sustainable food systems. Their national headquarters are in Milwaukee and they’ve got a developing project in Chicago.

Visit their web site at


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