The Rustic Life

My friend Jake and I are going to farm all summer if we can’t find summer internships within the next month and a half.

WWOOF-ing, as it’s called, sounds far superior to pencil-pushing at a desk, coffee runs at a slowly dying magazine, drooling over your boss’s sandwich that he/she just had delivered because you’re not getting paid nor are you getting lunch comped, etc.

Just kidding.

But who wouldn’t love 2 months on a farm with a spa, fresh, organic produce, sunshine, and other fun people?

You have to sign up for at least two weeks on each farm. They vary in terms of amenities and kinds of produce, but generally you can expect a place to stay and food in exchange for 5-8 hours of farming.

Check out WWOOF USA at

there’s also an international one:
(My friend Liz was a goat caretaker at a beautiful rustic farm in Italy this past summer. You have to admit that sounds appealing)

Happy farming!


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