Organic Eggs and Pilfered Vegetables=Happiness

Mark Bittman gets paid to make delicious food in a really small kitchen and post videos of it online. I didn’t get to enjoy the same measure of press, but I did have a lot of fun. A couple times a semester I’ll give in to the tiny burners in my dorm kitchenette, choosing to boil a pot of water on them or making an omelette instead of going to the dining hall or my friends’ apartments which are equipped with real ovens and real pantries.

On this particular evening, I stopped by Trumbull dining hall to swipe some veggies from their salad bar (tomatoes, spinach, green, yellow, and red bell peppers), bought some eggs from Gourmet Heaven, stole some salt and pepper packets from the seating area of Gourmet Heaven, and schlepped home to make my omelette in a borrowed skillet. Ah, the college life.

First I sauteed the vegetables and set them aside in a container/bowl:

Then I beat two eggs with a good amount of salt and pepper:

I sprayed the skillet with Pam and dumped the eggs in, swirling them around to make sure they coated the bottom of the pan. And to make sure I didn’t end up with a veggie scramble. Although, back at home, there’s a great brunch place, called Pacific Whey, that makes a worthy veggie scramble. I added the veggies back when the egg looked half done.

Then I flipped it over (it’s all in the wrist, folks), and slid it out of the pan onto a plate. If you want to make it pretty, you could find some parsley and shred it on top, or do what I did and make it breakfast for dinner with a fanned strawberry on top.

The last thing I did, which isn’t pictured here for obvious aesthetic reasons, was DEVOUR the omelette in five minutes because I had to run to a show.


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