In the spirit of Valentine’s Day: a sandwich date

Ever so single on Valentine’s Day, I decided to treat myself to a little sandwich-making creatherapy to make up for the spaztarded day I had yesterday. As you can tell, I’m into making up words.

As a third year dining hall customer, I’ve also really gotten into making my dining hall selection work for me. I usually go over to the law school, where I swear they have a better deli, and have my sandwiches made, but today I thought I’d try my hand at invention.

Last night I had a craving for a turkey sandwich on rye with some honey mustard.

This morning I made a mental list of ingredients as I walked into Commons. I wanted spinach and apples and honey mustard. As I approached the bread selection, I ended up bypassing rye for wheat. I loaded sliced turkey onto the bread and went in search of spinach. Unsuccessful, I settled for a piece of lettuce–I generally avoid dining hall lettuce because it just looks so wilted and sad. Then I grabbed my tray, walked by a bowl of raisins and thought–why not? And for added texture I scooped some walnuts onto my plate to put into my sandwich. I put some honey and dijon mustard onto a small plate, grabbed a crunchy apple and carried my tray back to my table. Here’s a picture of the lesser, but by no means less flavorful “condiments” for my sandwich:
One criticism I had of the law school sandwiches was that their honey mustard seemed kind of runny and suspicious-looking. Of course this was before I made my own and realized that well, that’s just what happens when you mix honey and mustard.

This is what my sandwich looked like after I sliced the apples and put it all together:

Once again, with a little ingredient manipulation, Commons does the trick!


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