Dining Hall desserts for the chocaholic, part one of series

This is a day of the double post.

In addition to a sandwich, I thought I’d treat myself to a gooey, chocolatey, cold dessert. One of my favorite things to do, as you probably have noticed, is to mix salty and sweet flavors. I find that it heightens the taste of my food because I am aware of the contrasts and different sensations on my tongue. Of course, if you’re into Oreo cookie crumbles for pudding toppings, I’m totally into that, too. Who doesn’t appreciate a good pot of soil? Ah, third grade.


I got a small bowl and scooped some chocolate pudding into it. I sliced a banana and crumbled a sesame stick, which I thought was a pretzel stick. Pretzel sticks sound more appetizing and probably taste better, but the sesame stick turned out to be pretty tasty with the pudding anyway. Besides, the whole idea was to add texture anyway.

These are the ingredients, sitting on my tray together:

Here is my dessert, after I put it all together:

It’s really easy to make, and it’s something that is really versatile. If you think certain flavors might go together, try them!


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