Bagel Brunch!

I woke up early Sunday morning and took the elevator down to the Swing basement for some continental breakfast fare. I did some work, got dressed, and had a regular, normal, easy morning. It was not meant to last.

I put on my shoes and got ready to meet my friend, Sarah, for brunch. As I gave my outfit a last once-over in my mirror, my traction-less shoes slipped, I pitched forward and fell into my dresser. My mirror came crashing down on my head as my knees hit the linoleum floor. I thought to catch it, but figured it wouldn’t break if it landed on the ground, since I thought my head had taken the brunt of the force.


It shattered, and so did my hopes for an ordinary day. So did my faith in my AP Physics education.

Of course, that’s why good friends are great. They remind you of happy things, like Bagel Brunch.

I’m not particularly superstitious, otherwise I’d be more concerned. Plus I think mild head trauma is a good price to pay for breaking a mirror.

Anyway, back to Bagel Brunch, which livened up my day…

Here are the steps:

  1. pick up a plate
  2. grab a bagel (from New York, apparently): poppy seed, sesame, regular, cinnamon-raisin, or onion
  3. pick a schmear: veggie, plain, scallion, strawberry, or hummus
  4. pick a topping: tomatoes, lox, onions, or tuna
  5. want a pasta? sometimes they’ve got bowtie+olive oil+greens or a more traditional macaroni+chopped tomato
  6. grab some fruit (pre-cut)
  7. pick a dessert: cake, cheesecake, tart, or pie (trust me, they’ve got a great tasting selection. recent desserts: red velvet cake, orange glaze tart, almond tart with strawberry glaze, cheesecake, carrot cake, etc)

This here is Sarah’s creation: cinnamon raisin bagel+regular cream cheese+onions+tomatoes+lox

*note: bagel varieties are constant, but sometimes they’ll have different combinations of the other stuff.

What: Bagel Brunch

Where: Slifka (Wall Street right across from Silliman)

When: Bi-weekly 11-1(?) (see adverts in Herald/YDN/I think there’s an email list)

How: it’s a normal swipe


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